Short courses to help you develop and retain your best talent: 101 Missions

What are 101 Missions?

4-week short courses with immersive learning experiences for busy professionals at all levels. They focus on the most in-demand human-centred skills, and can be applied and practiced in the flow of work.



 Each 101 Mission has three interactive learning delivery modes:

FTL Experiential events@2x

1. Experiential events

Simulations, gamification and immersive learning experiences designed in collaboration with RADA Business.

FTL missions coaching@2x

2. Coaching

Personal and group coaching with facilitated study groups and virtual action learning sets.

FTL E-Curriculum@2x

3. E-curriculum

Highly curated, personalised courses with podcasts, videos and short-form e-learning content.

Who are they for?

Employees at all levels: Graduates, Aspiring Managers, Middle Managers, and Senior Leaders. Each 101 Mission can be tailored with events, coaching and applied learning for specific training needs.

Benefits to your business

 101 Missions are ready-to-go learning journeys designed for all levels of employees.

FTL Scalable@2x


High impact way to mobilise behaviour change programmes

FTL modular@2x


Readily align with training needs at multiple levels

FTL culture@2x

Culture change

Create and embed consistent behaviours and mindsets

FTL speed@2x


Ready-to-go world-class learning experiences


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Short development courses to help you develop and retain your best talent

4 weeks
15 hours
100% virtual
20++ (scalable)
Business Acumen and Curiosity 101
Coaching Others 101
Communication 101
Decision-Making 101
Difficult Conversations 101
Driving Change 101
Effective Feedback 101
Inclusion 101
Presenting with Impact and Confidence 101
Psychological Safety and Trust 101
Relationships 101
Women's Leadership 101


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Future Talent Learning’s 101 Missions combined with RADA Business is a genuine game changer. Together we deliver outstanding personal and business performance. We’re thrilled to be providing the very best, highest impact development for all levels of employees and leaders

Steve Wood, Director, RADA Business


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