Driving Change 101

Driving Change 101

What do we mean by driving change?


In 2004 an article published in Harvard Business Review introduced the concept of the ambidextrous organisation, able to focus on exploiting existing capabilities for profit while also exploring new opportunities for growth.

And the key to success? You guessed it, ambidextrous leaders can drive change across organisations to “combine the attributes of rigorous cost-cutters and free-thinking entrepreneurs”.


There is nothing permanent except change


More information about the course

4 weeks
15 hours
100% virtual
20++ (scalable)


Developing the basics of driving change


In this 101 Mission we’ll focus on how to:

•  Transform our organisations in the face of a constantly changing business environment.
•  Have the right strategies, resources and infrastructure in place to deliver organisational purpose.
•  Overcome organisational and personal resistance to change.
•  Develop the ambidexterity needed to adapt and transform as circumstances demand.  
•  Acquire the right mindset to change and innovate.


Mission overview – what will you learn?

Part 1: Curiosity and Empathy
Part 2: Decision Making
Part 3: Stakeholder Management
Part 4: Overcoming Barriers to Change

Driving Change 101 – example experiential events

Gamification (multiplayer simulation): Driving Change

Pilots, soldiers and surgeons know well the importance of simulating their activities in training to improve their performance and reduce the risk of costly failure in the real world. That’s because we learn best not by listening but by doing. In this fun, digitally simulated scenario, you’ll work in a small team to manage a time-pressured project and explore how to build trust in a complex and rapidly changing environment. It’s designed as an intense but risk-free experience to help you develop and hone your skills in crisis management, managing trust, building reputation, stakeholder management and responsible leadership.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Make decisions with imperfect information under pressure.

  • Work as an effective (and virtual) change team.

  • Maximise stakeholder support for innovation.

  • Navigate organisational culture and politics.

  • Develop effective influencing strategies.

  • Use formal and informal networks.

  • Make organisational change happen.

  • Keep your cool in a tricky press conference.

Gamification (multiplayer simulation): Navigating Change

This simulation presents participants, typically organised in teams, with a challenging mission to optimise a post-merger integration plan. It is an intense but risk-free experience that will help them develop skills in a range of areas, including leading and implementing change, influencing, communication strategies, (virtual) teamwork and decision-making in ambiguous and complex scenarios.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Be able to craft a change management strategy.

  • Overcome resistance to change.

  • Develop detailed stakeholder analyses.

  • Analyse the full range of human interests and motives.

  • Map and use influence networks.

  • Balance economic and human value drivers.

  • Maximise the value of business change.

Fearless Exploration - Interactive Masterclass with Actors

Dare to dig deeper will be the provocation for this session, encouraging you to fearlessly explore what lies beneath the surface. You’ll investigate how to overcome the barriers that prevent us from actively pursuing our curiosity. By first noticing how our own behaviours can get in our way, you can then take their focus out towards others. Professional actors from RADA will role-play characters and scenarios while you investigate, interrogate and identify the route of their behaviours and work with them to engineer a more positive outcome.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Develop a greater level of self-awareness as to the root of behaviours.

  • Explore different levels of listening to hear what’s being said, and what’s not.

  • Apply elements of curiosity towards solving a workplace issue.

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