Inclusion 101

Inclusion 101

What does inclusion (and diversity) mean and look like?



Diversity is as much about differences in information processing and thinking as it is about demographics. It widens the talent pool and drives performance, creativity and innovation.

But it’s inclusion that’s the key to making diversity stick. It moves it beyond representation, enabling diverse employees to contribute and thrive. Inclusive leadership fosters an open culture where each individual’s unique talents, perspectives and expressions are valued. It involves role-modelling authenticity, prioritising psychological safety and building trust with others. In inclusive organisations, people feel that they really belong, even the voices we might disagree with.


Diversity is having a seat at the table,
inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard  

Liz Fosslien

More information about the course

4 weeks
15 hours
100% virtual
20++ (scalable)


Developing the basics of great inclusion


In this 101 Mission we’ll focus on how to:

•  Strategically understand diversity and inclusion.
•  Value and combine differences between colleagues.
•  See trust and inclusion as central to collaboration, innovation and creativity.
•  Recognise, engage with and champion the differences in your teams for better results. 


Mission overview – what will you learn?

Part 1: Cognitive Diversity
Part 2: Growth Mindset
Part 3: Managing Failure
Part 4: Psychological Safety

Inclusion 101 – example experiential events

Becoming an Inclusive Leader - Interactive Masterclass with Actors

Different team members have different personal histories, skills and expertise. Everyone sees the world differently. One of the great rewards of being a good manager is to see those differences, value them and know how to enthuse each individual and combine their differences so that the team can collaborate at their best. This workshop will give you the language and the tools to bring inclusive behaviour to life so that you can confidently evolve your everyday interactions. 


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • See difference as an asset and value what people bring to work through who they are.

  • Engage all voices in team discussions (the value of personal storytelling, the way introverts and extroverts contribute differently, structuring meetings to enable maximum participation).

  • Discover how engaged and settled individual team members are at work by using ‘Covering’ conversations in 1-2-1s/ appraisals/ continuous quality conversations.

Cognitive Diversity: Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of your Business - Interactive Masterclass

Individuals and teams with diverse thinking – a variety of experience, expertise and opinions – have higher levels of collective intelligence and are far better equipped to deal with complex problems. Cognitive diversity strengthens institutions and teams; it challenges hierarchies, encourages constructive dissent, and forces us to look outside of our echo chamber and think again about where the best ideas really come from. We’ll look at common blockers to cognitive diversity, such as rigid hierarchies and power structures, as well as modes of thinking, behaving and structuring teams so that you’re able to unleash the power of diverse thinking.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Study techniques to identify blind spots, engineer diverse teams and generate ideas more effectively.

  • Understand diversity of thought and how it impacts on performance at all levels.

  • Be better equipped to foster and increase diverse thinking within your team.
  • Learn how diversity of thought drives creativity and better decision-making.

Building a Growth Mindset Culture - Interactive Masterclass              

A growth mindset lets an individual grow and develop through dedication, hard work and purposeful practice and not just rely on given talent. It fosters beliefs, behaviours and habits that consistently deliver an open attitude to personal development. Cultivating a growth mindset culture is scientifically proven to correlate with high performance because it creates the right environment to unlock potential at all levels, enabling high performance to thrive. We’ll explore how you can use it to help you scale new heights.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:          
  • Understand the real drivers of a growth mindset and the behaviours and culture characteristics associated with high performance.

  • Explore the impact of fixed vs growth mindsets on performance at an individual, team and organisational level.

  • Know how to actively seek out new ideas, opinions and feedback from all areas of the organisation. 

  • Learn how to continually pursue improvement opportunities (even when achieving results).

  • Disrupt your current thinking by challenging how you conceptualise your ability. 

  • Understand how to treat failure as an opportunity to learn.

  • Develop a tenacious attitude to trial and error.

  • Feel encouraged about calculated risk-taking.

  • Promote empowerment and collaboration to share ideas and solve problems.

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