Women’s Leadership 101

Womens Leadership 101

What is womens leadership?


Women’s Leadership 101 is a specialist training programme designed for women in management positions. It provides women with a range of capabilities to sustainably build confidence to operate as an equal at senior levels.

This course will give you the tools to move forward in your career with impact, gravitas and confidence. It explores the type of communicator you are and the type of communicator you could become, examining the power of physicality, voice and language to help deepen understanding about your own impact.


I wish women would hurry up and take over

Leonard Cohen

More information about the course

4 weeks
15 hours
100% virtual
20++ (scalable)


Developing the basics of great women’s leadership


In this 101 Mission we’ll focus on how to:


•  Act with assertiveness in uncertainty.
•  Effectively support and encourage other women and marginalised voices in professional settings.
•  Own the room with confidence, knowing that you can speak off the cuff, embrace obstacles and hold difficult conversations.
•  Show your best self in any setting through empowered presentation skills and expert storytelling.


Mission overview – what will you learn?

Part 1: How to Influence Others
Part 2: 
How to Control the Narrative
Part 3: 
How to Manage Conflict
Part 4: 
How to Present with Impact

Women's Leadership 101 – example experiential events

Influence and Gravitas - Interactive Masterclass with Actors

A forum theatre performance kick-starts this session on influencing. Shining a light on the conscious and unconscious ways we seek to influence others, we invite you to get curious about how we can move others to action. Able to stop the scene at any moment, you’ll actively give feedback to the actors and change the scene’s course towards a more positive outcome. You’ll experiment with different choices to examine how you can connect and influence more effectively, in a playful low-risk environment.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Understand and interrogate how behaviour impacts on our messages.

  • Make positive, conscious choices in how you influence others.

  • Recognise power dynamics and flex status behaviours to meet the situation.

  • Learn and enjoy influencing upwards.

Storytelling - Interactive Masterclass

Since time immemorial, storytelling has guided human behaviour. Stories have driven our development as a species and promoted belonging by giving us a powerful way to connect with others. Stories provide meaning and context to our lives. We’ll explore techniques that hook an audience’s interest with confidence and excite them about the future. By developing your physical and vocal range, you’ll explore how to speak to both the hearts and minds of your team.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Understand and apply key storytelling tools and techniques.

  • Explore ways to emotionally connect with an audience.

  • Develop your range as a storyteller and inspire your team to action.




Conflict Forum Theatre - Interactive Masterclass with Actors

Even the best workplaces have their stresses and conflicts. But whether they arise from a genuine difference of opinion or a misjudged tone of voice, they needn’t get ugly. In this session, we look at a variety of conflict situations, brought to life by RADA Business actors. We’ll use these to explore ways of defusing and managing conflict based on the Thomas Kilmann ‘assertiveness and cooperativeness’ model.


Learning outcomes — through this event you’ll:
  • Learn how to keep calm in difficult situations and to see conflict in a more positive light.

  • See conflict as one route to strengthening relationships and building trust. 

  • Have fewer sleepless nights (hopefully) and lower blood pressure.




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