Supercharge business performance by developing human skills

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Success is no longer solely determined by a company's resources, technology or market position. Instead, it hinges on an often-overlooked factor: human performance. 


In a brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible (BANI) world, organisations must embrace continuous change to adapt and thrive. The key to survival and success in this environment lies within your greatest asset - your people. Human skills and ongoing development are the keys that ignite performance. Invest in your team's growth to fuel adaptability, innovation, and excellence.


In the past, technical skills and expertise drove business performance. But the future of work demands more human abilities like adaptability, creativity, and collaboration.  As automation changes the nature of work, uniquely human skills will be your competitive edge. Investing in your people's growth is investing in the heart and soul of your organisation.


So why are human skills essential for success? 


Boost performance by unleashing human potential

Research by McKinsey Global Institute identified 56 skills that will be critical in the evolving workplace. These skills fall into four categories: 


  1. cognitive skills like critical thinking

  2. interpersonal skills like collaboration

  3. digital skills like data analysis

  4. self-leadership qualities like resilience


What's striking is that many of the key future skills are not technical, but social and emotional. Skills like teamwork, creativity, inspiring trust, and conflict resolution will help people thrive as automation changes the nature of work. As hybrid work arrangements become more common, human skills are as critical as ever. Qualities such as adaptability, empathy, and communication allow people to build connections and influence others in a remote or hybrid setting


Investing in developing human skills is like investing in the heart and soul of your organisation. When employees possess strong interpersonal and soft skills, they can collaborate effectively, resolve conflicts, and communicate clearly. This leads to improved teamwork, enhanced morale, and increased employee engagement, all of which contribute to better business performance.


Enhance human performance through learning and development programmes

Learning and development programmes are the vehicles through which organisations can nurture human skills and soft skills. These programmes should be designed to be continuous, adaptive, and aligned with the organisation's goals. Here are some ways in which learning and development programmes can drive human performance and, in turn, business performance:


  1. Align learning and development programmes with C-suite pain points. According to the 2023 Workplace Learning Report, keeping workers motivated amid constant change is now a hyper-priority for the C-suite. Additionally, enabling internal mobility through upskilling and job rotations has become a key initiative. Executives realise that engaged and empowered employees are essential for organisational success. That's why they are laser-focused on boosting morale, flexibility, and skills.

  2. Encourage a learning culture. Cultivate an environment where learning is not just an event but a continuous process. Create psychological safety to enable employees to acquire new skills and adapt to change. 

  3. Deliver personalised learning programmes. Tailor learning and development initiatives to the specific needs of your workforce. Recognise that different roles and individuals may require different skill sets. Bite-sized learning supports personalisation by ensuring that learning is accessible, relevant and engaging.

  4. Embrace technology. Leverage technology to facilitate learning and development. Online courses, content libraries and virtual simulations offer flexible and scalable ways to enhance skills.

  5. Continuous feedback. Encourage regular feedback and performance evaluations. Constructive feedback allows employees to identify areas for improvement and set personal development goals.


How investing in human performance impacts business performance

Investing in uplifting human performance delivers game-changing benefits:


  1. Improved productivity. Employees with strong human skills and soft skills are more efficient and productive in their roles. They can adapt to changing circumstances, work well in teams, and find innovative solutions to problems.

  2. Enhanced employee retention. Organisations that invest in their employees' growth and development are more likely to retain top talent. High-performing employees are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere when they feel valued and supported.

  3. Innovation and creativity. Human skills such as creativity and critical thinking are essential for driving innovation within an organisation. Employees who can think outside the box contribute to the development of new products, services, and strategies.

  4. Competitive advantage. Businesses with a highly skilled, adaptable, and engaged workforce gain a significant competitive advantage in the market. They can respond more effectively to changing market dynamics and outperform their competitors.


Unleash your organisation’s greatest asset - your people. Let human skills drive adaptability, resilience, and business excellence. Contact us today to discuss how human performance development can help your organisation navigate change and supercharge success.


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