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Our leadership and management courses upskill your employees with the soft skills, behaviours and mindset to become better managers and future leaders - and you can get it all funded through your apprenticeship levy. Clever right?

Our online leadership and management courses are like a mini MBA, with 100% virtual, immersive learning. They teach tomorrow’s leaders how to develop soft skills, how to manage people and change, and how to be inclusive in an uncertain world.

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World-class learning to help you develop and retain your best talent



100% virtual learning anywhere




Simulations &

interactive webinars



Videos, podcasts & personalised coaching



14 or 16 months or 6 week missions

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Leadership & management
apprenticeship courses

The Transformational Leadership Programme is like a mini MBA. It delivers against two online management apprenticeships which can be funded entirely through your apprenticeship levy (for learners based in England).

Level 3: For graduates, aspiring managers and entry level managers (14 months)

Build strong interpersonal skills, agility, collaboration and confidence to manage projects and/or others.

Level 5: For managers at all levels
(16 months)

Develop strong people management and commercial skills, and develop your employees to confidently manage, lead and inspire collaboratively and inclusively.

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Leadership & management
commercial courses (global)

These flexible courses mirror our Transformational Leadership Programme. They are designed for graduates, aspiring managers, first time managers and existing managers.

Think of it like a mini MBA, with 8 core modules covering:

Transforming self

1. Self-awareness
2. Management of self

Transforming relationships
3. Communication
4. Building relationships
5. Leadership & management

Transforming business

6. Project management
7. Decision making
8. Business transformation

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Bite-size development courses (global)

Learners today want courses to be:

  1. Bite-size to fit in with work
  2. Interactive and engaging
  3. Filled with practical and fun content
  4. Creating peer learning opportunities

Our most popular development themes:

  • Business acumen & curiosity
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Cognitive diversity
  • Collaboration 101
  • Decision making
  • How to be agile
  • How to be risk wise
  • Inclusion and belonging
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Leading through change
  • People management 101
  • Relationship building
  • Resilience & wellbeing
  • Sales & negotiation
  • Self-awareness for leaders
  • Trust & psychological safety
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Partnering with the world’s best employers


Future Talent Learning’s Transformational Leadership Programme has become the core of our emerging talent development strategy.

Craig Smith, Head of Learning and Employee Experience,
Babcock International


Future Talent Learning’s approach is unlike any other training provider. The look and feel of the programme and the quality of interventions really raises the bar.

Rebecca Keeble, Talent Manager,
Marks and Spencer


Having the flexibility to create our own unique programme has been fantastic. The learning is relevant to participants’ jobs and they are eager to try new things out.

Roger Minton, Head of Leadership Development, Anglo American


We have two training programmes for senior professionals and future leaders.

  • The first is a 15 month programme (Level 5 apprenticeship) aimed at managers and senior managers in any team.
  • The second is a 12 month programme (Level 3 apprenticeship) aimed at graduates and new managers.

Both these courses align fully to government apprenticeship standards (Levels 5 & 3). Both are highly experiential and aim to empower learners with the organisational capabilities, leadership behaviours and agile mindset needed to future-proof their professional development and deliver long term organisational transformation.

Learning is applied to live business projects and is supported by a blend of e-learning, live events and

personalised guidance via regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

6 benefits to online management apprenticeships (Level 3/5)

We assess learners’ knowledge, skills and behaviours before, during and after the programme using detailed, moderated assessments.

We structure our learning so that learners can start seeing quantifiable benefits from day one.

Level 3 online management course

The Level 3 online management course is an ideal fit for:

  • Graduates
  • New entrants
  • New and junior managers

Level 5 online management course

The Level 5 online management course is designed for managers in any team who are preparing for professional development into the sphere of senior leadership.

Availability of places

There’s no limit to the number of learners from any organisation. We run mixed cohorts with learners from different companies. However, we can support you if you prefer to run bespoke or additional training/events for your own organisation.

Should the learner or employer/organisation apply?

We strongly advise that employers and organisations allow their learners to apply rather than nominating individuals. We can help to co-run a learner recruitment process with you.

The Level 5 online leadership programme is typically 16 months plus an assessment in month 17.

The Level 3 online leadership programme is typically 14 months plus an assessment in month 15.

Learners who need more time can take an extra month or two.

Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager

Managers undertaking the Level 5 online course will gain a Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship qualification.

Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

Graduates and junior managers undertaking the Level 3 online management course will gain a Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship qualification.

These management apprenticeship qualifications are rewarded on completion of our leadership training courses which align fully to government apprenticeship standards (Levels 5 & 3).

Not all management courses are created equal. Only around 10% of traditional learning programmes result in any noticeable behaviour change.

Our online management courses have a relentless focus on changing behaviour from day one, with quantifiable results.

Professional development doesn’t just happen in our heads. New leadership behaviours must be embodied in our heads, hearts and instincts.

That means we need to practise new skills, even when that feels awkward at first. Just as pilots practise in a simulator, practise is critical when learning (and mastering a new leadership behaviour at work).

Learners attending our management courses get daily doses of bite-sized content that gives them a solid understanding of theory. They then practise new behaviours in a safe space that stretches them with just the right mix of challenge and support. We also support learners to practise these new behaviours in their day-to-day work.

One of the strangest features of much corporate training is that we’re expected to learn something once and retain it for months, or even years. But our brains are more like sieves than buckets. We forget the majority of what we take in.

To solder new neural pathways, we need to practise new leadership behaviours. And practise them again. And again. Often that involves unlearning behaviours that have previously worked quite well for us. As they say, what got us here won’t always get us there.

Our online management training offers a series of practical exercises that learners can easily integrate into their working days, with support from their line manager and regular support from a dedicated personal coach.

The sooner and more often that learning gets applied in real-life situations, the more likely it is to stick.

The 6 key benefits of online management courses

Our online management courses cover the 10 essential leadership soft skills:

  • Decision making and critical thinking
  • Agile project management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Self-awareness
  • Managing your career
  • Management
  • Operational management
  • Relationship building

These are the essential commercial and interpersonal skills that managers need to develop an agile mindset. Increased proficiency in these soft skills benefits both managers and the organisation.

Our management training covers a wide variety of commercial and interpersonal skills, but above all, we focus on three key leadership behaviours.

The Future Talent ACT leadership behaviour model


The era of top down, five-year plans is over. Technological advancements have made the innovator’s dilemma a daily conundrum. Agile leaders must work in leaner and smarter ways to overcome organisational inertia and discover what works (and doesn’t) as quickly as possible in order to continuously deliver exceptional new products and services.

“No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Helmuth von Moltke


A romantic ideal exists of the lone-wolf entrepreneur sitting in their garage, encumbered by nothing but their genius. Sadly, it’s just a myth.

Collaborative leaders embrace a diversity of perspectives. They make sure everyone feels they belong and understand where the business is heading. They make the whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Kenneth H. Blanchard 


Organisations that don’t change don’t last. And organisations that don’t learn, don’t change. Transformative leaders are committed to continually learning in order to shape change - rather than

simply responding to it. But transformation in big business requires a sophisticated ambidexterity - the ability to forge new paths, while not letting legacy operations fall over.

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity rather than a threat.” Various

Why is the ACT leadership behaviour model important?

Technology is disrupting the world of work. But technical skills alone aren’t enough to achieve the near Herculean task of organisational transformation. That requires the right mindset. And a sophisticated set of soft skills.

Our online management courses help graduates and managers to become more agile, collaborative and transformative. They will gain the ability to work in more agile ways, the people skills to collaborate effectively and the mindset to see organisational transformation as an opportunity and not a threat. After all, we learn (and lead) best not by merely reflecting, but by doing – by acting.

Both programmes align to government apprenticeship standards (Levels 5 & 3).

That means they are both eligible to be funded 100% by the Apprenticeship Levy.

If you are not fully using your Apprenticeship Levy, these leadership apprenticeships will cost you nothing.

Level 5 qualifies for £7,000 per learner.

Level 3 qualifies for £4,500 per learner.

We’re ESFA approved so 100% of the cost is recoverable.

We can manage the drawdown from the Apprenticeship Levy on your behalf.

Global employers and organisations are welcome to roll these courses out internationally, although the courses are not eligible to be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy outside England.

See how to use the apprenticeship levy to boost productivity

Apprenticeship levy guidance for employers

Our management courses take the form of:

  • Immersive activities
  • E-learning
  • Personal coaching
  • Project work

Management training often fails because learners haven’t spent enough (or any) time preparing for sessions. That can result in a dull download of information, rather than an opportunity for learners to play with ideas they’ve already explored. We give learners highly curated, bite-sized doses of content to keep them learning and engaged.

Learners will spend 20% of their working time on the  training. It sounds like a lot, but much of this time involves learners applying what they’ve learned to live projects or practising new behaviours in everyday activities.

Activity example: Gamified e-learning of decision making via a copper mind simulation

Over the course of three years (three hours in reality), learners simulate making complex strategic decisions around constructing a new copper mind in the Amazon. The interactive game increases learners commercial confidence and helps them develop new skills around decision making, relationship building and communication.

Activity example: Creative writing in business

A huge part of communication at work involves writing, whether that’s pitches, presentations or just emailing Dave from accounts. And yet, so much writing at work is unclear, complicated or just plain boring. Often all three.

We explore the principles of good writing to help learners find their voice and connect with others.


Each learner will have a dedicated coach and assessor to guide them through a personalised curriculum.

Learners will catch up with their coach at least once every Module.

That's a lot of support. But we believe that regular encouragement from a subject matter expert is critical to success.

When it comes to learner support, we recommend that line managers aim to be fully supportive. Ideally, line managers will commit to at least six hours over fifteen months to feedback sessions with the coach and learner.


Only 25% of long-term career success depends on technical knowledge, the rest is all soft skills (Stanford University). So - that’s where we focus.

A Powerful Alumni Network

Employees build a diverse network of creative collaborators from peers across multiple industries.

World-Class Learning

Employees learn from the kind of credible but totally unexpected learning providers simply not found on typical L&D or apprenticeship training programmes.


Retention. Retention. Retention

The number one reason employees leave is because they stop learning. Our programme inspires, engages - and crucially‒ retains them.

Long Term Growth

80% of CEOs see employees’ lack of soft skills as a ‘top 3’ barrier to growth (PWC). We help close that gap.

Succession Planning

Ideal succession planning via a new wave of self-aware, commercially savvy people - leaders with the confidence to handle ambiguity and spark the difficult conversations that make real change happen.

Comms to the business

We have email templates and a full comms package that we can share with employers.

Bespoke/additional events

If you want an event or immersive event that is bespoke to your organisation, we can help.

Levy funding

We can manage the drawdown from the Apprenticeship Levy on your behalf.

If learners leave during a programme

Payment for learners stops the month they leave. Their new employer can continue the payment from their levy if they choose. If they return (e.g. after maternity leave) payment resumes then.

When can employers and organisations start a new cohort?

Programmes start every quarter. Depending on availability, we need two weeks to enrol new learners.

Creating bespoke/additional programmes for your organisation

Employers are welcome to run bespoke or additional programmes or events just for their organisation. Commercial top up charges may apply for this.

Our management courses are not just UK-based – they’re international

Employers and organisations are welcome to roll our online management courses out internationally. Outside England, the courses are not eligible to be funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

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world-class online learning?

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