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Transformational Leadership Programme

Our leadership & management courses and apprenticeships upskill graduates, aspiring managers and existing managers with the behaviours and mindset to future proof themselves and your organisation.

We’ve reimagined apprenticeships to provide continuous virtual learning that’s practiced and applied in the flow of work to embed the learning.

All of our programmes are designed with immersive virtual experiences, simulations and gamification, brilliant multimedia
e-learning curriculum content and development coaching.

Learners develop and practise the core interpersonal and human skills that are vital to make sure that they continue to embrace the constant changes that we see across our businesses.

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Jim Birtwell Courses


We are committed to delivering world-class, imaginative learning experiences that your employees will be able to immediately apply in their roles.


Jim Carrick-Birtwell
CEO & Founder, Future Talent Learning


World-class online learning and coaching to help you develop and retain your best talent



100% online learning anywhere




Immersive experiences,
simulations and gamification



Videos, podcasts & personalised coaching



12-16 months or
bite-size 6-week Missions

Apprenticeship _1

Apprenticeship courses

Flagship Transformational Leadership Programme delivers a Level 3 or Level 5 apprenticeship, fully funded through your levy.


Graduates, aspiring managers, existing managers


14 or 16 months


Like a mini-MBA; 100% virtual delivery with multimedia e-curriculum, immersive experiences, personalised development coaching

Course highlights

  • RADA Business interactive webinars
  • Multi-player facilitated gamifications
  • Simulations and virtual events
  • Virtual action learning sets
  • Coaching capability developed
  • Personal 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Open or closed cohorts
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Commercial courses (global)

Mirrors the Transformational Leadership Programme curriculum with many deliverables that you can customise.


Entry-level to senior managers


3 to 18 months


100% virtual delivery with multimedia e-curriculum, immersive experiences, personalised development coaching

Course highlights

  • Syllabus like a mini-MBA
  • Flexible options for time commitment
  • Global programme rollout
  • Multiple coaching formats available
  • Integration with employer content
  • Length of programmes flexible

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Bite-size courses (global)

A series of bite-sized, fun, and interactive, 6-week development ‘Missions’, designed stand-alone or in a series for large scale rollout.


Entry-level to C-Suite


6 weeks per Mission


100% virtual delivery, c.20-25 hours of learning blending self-directed study with immersive virtual events and coaching

Course highlights

  • 90-min simulations and live webinars
  • RADA Business bespoke events
  • High impact culture change interventions
  • Coaching: study groups and 1-2-1 coaching
  • Modular approach for global rollout
  • Designed as single or multiple Missions
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Partnering with the world’s best employers

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Future Talent Learning’s Transformational Leadership Programme has become the core of our emerging talent development strategy.

Craig Smith, Head of Learning and Employee Experience, Babcock International


I’m so impressed that the apprenticeship levy can fund such modern, engaging and relevant development for our people.

Rebecca Keeble, Talent Manager,
Marks and Spencer


The Transformational Leadership Programme is 100% virtual and global – a significant attraction for a company with people across the world

Roger Minton, Head of Leadership Development, Anglo American 

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