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With our Transformational Leadership Programme, you can give your employees the skills and mindset they need to become better leaders - and get it all funded through your apprenticeship levy.

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“In disruptive times, leaders need the ability and confidence to see change not as a threat but as an exciting opportunity – and that’s what this programme is all about.

Walter Wallich, Vice President HR, Northern, Central & Eastern Europe, GfK


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The Transformational Leadership Programme - what sets it apart?
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Our engaging virtual learning programme covers similar ground to an MBA, but crucially, enables participants to put their learning into practice from day one.

We also offer a seriously high level of personalisation, with 1-2-1 executive coaching via Zoom and Teams as well as interactive webinars and immersive digital simulations, developed by institutions such as Harvard and Wharton and used by the likes of Google and MI6.

There are two core versions – both of which can be funded entirely through your apprenticeship levy:

For graduates and entry level managers
Looking to make a successful transition into the modern workplace
(Level 3 - over 12 months)

For more senior managers and experienced team leaders
Looking to hone their people and commercial skills
(Level 5 - over 15 months)

We also offer bite-size versions of the programme for interns and graduates, which can be customised to fit your budget.


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What’s in it for employers?
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World-class training that you and your employees will value, at potentially zero cost.

The chance to use your apprenticeship levy
As our programme aligns to a government Standard, it can be fully funded by the apprenticeship levy. So if you’re not already using your levy, it’s effectively free.

A smart way to develop and retain your best talent
By offering such an engaging  programme, you can increase your DVP (Development Value Proposition) and ensure your best people take off to new heights rather than to another business.

Better prospects for long-term growth
According to PwC, 80% of CEOs see the lack of soft skills among employees as a ‘top 3’ barrier to growth. By effectively nurturing these skills, you can grow your people and your prospects – instead of wasting money on dead-end training that never pays dividends.

Read our article on the great training robbery.

What’s in it for employees?
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The chance to become more confident and effective leaders – and to enjoy the process.

Essential ‘soft’ skills
According to Stanford University, only 25% of long-term career success depends on technical knowledge; the rest is all soft skills. That’s why we focus our energies there.

A real sense of progress
By engaging in fully immersive experiences online, participants can practise new behaviours with just the right mix of challenge and support. This nurtures confidence and accelerates their progress in the real world too.

Resilience in an uncertain world
By including elements of the unexpected, we help participants develop the skills and confidence they need to handle ambiguity and to swiftly adjust to new commercial realities - qualities essential for agile leadership.

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“Future Talent provides proper food for thought and entertainment of the best kind. You get to learn, but in the most painless and beguiling way.

Alain de Botton, Philosopher and Writer


“…so many insights. Their ambition to challenge paradigms is hugely inspiring.”

Helmut Schuster, Group HR Director, BP


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