Keynote: Work and learning over a longer life

About the session

Thursday 24th June 2021, Live session 2*

16:12-16:25 EDT
21:12-21:25 BST
04:12-04:25 SGT (Friday 25th June 2021)

*Session repeats as per agenda sessions

Longer lives are leading to not just longer careers but different ones. A combination of technology and longevity are leading to more career stages and more transitions which jointly place a premium on learning.

As life elongates and technology speeds up there is a need to spread education across the life course. With more transitions and more need to invest in a longer future the importance of skills, health, finance, relationships and a sense of purpose has increased. That implies deep seated changes in how individuals manage their own careers, what good employers need to provide alongside work and what we require from our educational institutions.

Based on his work in The 100 Year Life and his latest book The New Long Life, Professor Andrew J Scott will draw out the implications for individuals and companies of how to adapt and flourish over a longer life.

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