Masterclass: The role of upskilling in the inclusion agenda 

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Thursday 24th June 2021, Live session 1

10:00-10:30 EDT
15:00–15:30 BST
22:00-23:00 SGT

For most leaders, addressing skills shortages has become a top priority to ensure today’s challenges are met, while future-proofing the organisation – and its people – for tomorrow’s disruption. But upskilling and reskilling can also be central to realising inclusion agendas, when managed correctly. How can you ensure that your upskilling efforts influence your inclusion goals in a positive way?

In conversation with Hamish Nisbet, Global Head of Resourcing at banking giant HSBC, Janine Chidlow, Sector Managing Director at AMS, will discuss how organisations can build or transform their culture based around a concept of future skills. They will explore how this cultural shift can help promote inclusion by democratising learning and talent development, and increasing transparency of opportunity for talent at all levels. 

Janine will also be joined by diversity specialist and Future Talent Conference host Tim Campbell, who will discuss his work with Trading Futures, an organisation that focuses on uncovering young talent from underrepresented communities to encourage them to consider careers in trading. 

Join this interactive masterclass to explore:

  • Why successful upskilling efforts require a cultural shift and commitment across the organisation  

  • Practical examples of addressing future skills needs, including HSBC’s talent marketplace initiative 
  • How purposeful upskilling can positively impact the diversity and inclusion agenda for competitive advantage
  • The importance of collaboration when it comes to upskilling agendas

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