Nilofer Merchant

Business Strategist, Innovator & Author

Keynote: Onlyness: make your ideas powerful enough to dent the world

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About Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant is a celebrated business strategist, innovator and bestselling author. She is a former executive of Apple and other tech companies, who once got sworn at by Steve Jobs himself.

Her impressive operational accomplishments include shipping over 100 products, netting $18 billion in revenues. She literally wrote the book of “new rules” for business and innovators in our Social Era in 2012. As those insights evolved into accepted truths about our connected world, she again lit the path to the next frontier. Few industries or brands will survive the coming AI and commoditisation unless they understand what she calls “Onlyness” – the experience, talent, perspective and purpose lying untapped in our own people. She was awarded the Future Thinker award by the notable London-based organisation, Thinkers 50, noting her as the #1 person most likely to influence the future of management in both theory and practice.


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