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*voted Publication of the Year in three out of the last four years at the Willis Towers Watson media awards

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Future Talent (formerly Changeboard magazine) helps you future-proof yourself and your teams with content from a trusted network of experts and thought leaders around the globe.

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Our award-winning magazine has been voted
HR Publication of the Year in three out of the last four years at the Willis Towers Watson media awards.


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No other business magazine curates the quality of contributors across the range of topics covered. From automation and machine learning to leading through disruption, Future Talent is a must read for leaders tasked with shaping the businesses of tomorrow.

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With our unique circulation, pass-on readership and quarterly shelf life, we can give your brand unrivalled exposure. Future Talent can help you reach the most engaged and progressive business leaders interested in the future of work. Leverage the trust and respect that our magazine has built to elevate your brand as a thought leader among our loyal network of decision-makers. We can work with you in a variety of ways to suit your goals and budgets.

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