About Future Talent Learning

We're a global e-learning business focused on developing employees’ core personal, interpersonal and commercial skills  


Our learning programmes and modular courses can be funded through the apprenticeship levy in England or commercially worldwide. They apply to employees at all levels, in all functions.

In a fast-changing virtual world, we’ve reimagined workplace learning to help employers build leadership and management capability at scale. 


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Our vision

We’re a purpose-driven organisation committed to producing better workplace learning for a better working world.


Our values  

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Always curious

Curiosity is the starting point for all learning.

 We have a love of learning and believe that our work should provide opportunities to promote a growth mindset. 
We always actively seek novel, creative, ingenious ways to meet complex challenges in the world of work. This means we’re open to new ideas and new ways of working. 

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Always inclusive

We want to encourage a sense of belonging.

In our workplace and learning courses, we strive to ensure everyone feels appreciated, respected and supported to learn new things.

We aim to make our interactions accessible so everyone feels encouraged and empowered to participate fully.

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Always transforming

At our core is a radical re-imagining of workplace learning for a virtual and modern world. 

Our transformational approach to leadership and management development is to make virtual learning immersive, experiential and fun.

It’s practical and inclusive, and is designed to be applied in the flow of work.


Our learning programmes

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Our learning courses focus on the most in-demand and transferable human-centred skills.

We produce long-form leadership and management programmes and short-form modular courses or ‘Missions’. They are designed to apply to all levels of employees, in all functions, all sectors, all over the world.

Our learning programmes are modern, accessible and delivered through immersive virtual learning experiences designed for busy professionals. They are playfully practical and deeply supportive, delivering immediate results. 

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Modular Missions - bespoke short learning courses

Ready-to-go leadership and management short courses that can be tailored with events, coaching and applied learning for specific training needs. 

These short experiential courses last four weeks and only require 6-12 hours of learning time. So they’re ideal for busy professionals at all levels: graduates, aspiring managers, middle managers and senior managers.

Modular missions


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Transformational Leadership Programme

Think of it like a mini-MBA. It’s 100% virtual and delivers a Level 3 and Level 5 leadership and management apprenticeship. 

The Transformational Leadership Programme can also be commercially funded and delivered globally as a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month custom programme. 


Apprenticeship programme

Use your Apprenticeship Levy to upskill your employees’ leadership and management capabilities

The Transformational Leadership Programme delivers against the Level 3 Team Leader and Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager apprenticeships, so it can be fully funded through your Apprenticeship Levy.

We’re committed to developing leadership and management capability by re-skilling and upskilling employees at all levels, in all functions and sectors. The benefits are game-changing for employees and organisations.


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level 3

For graduates and aspiring managers
(14 months)

Develop the foundational personal, interpersonal and commercial skills to confidently build stakeholder relationships and prepare to manage others.


Level 3 apprenticeship

level 5

For existing managers at all levels
(16 months)

Develop strong people management and commercial skills, and learn how to manage and lead collaboratively and inclusively.


Level 5 apprenticeship

Our quality assurance

We work with external partners to guarantee that we are delivering world-class learning.

From keeping your data secure to ensuring that we deliver world-class training, we remain experimental, adaptable, rigorous, and open-minded in our approach.


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Our customers

We’ve made transformational learning experiences accessible to all employees, at all levels, in over 50 of the world’s best employers. 

Every solution is 100% virtual, blending virtual events, simulations, gamifications and e-learning journeys with personalised coaching for every participant.

Our customers tell us that our programmes are helping their businesses by developing their employees’ human-centred skills, embedding agility and curiosity within the workplace and retaining their top talent. 

Our vision is to make workplaces better and we are doing this one learner at a time. 


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Our partnerships

We are committed to being a force for good, continually balancing profit and purpose.

Future Talent Learning has enshrined a sense of purpose within the business. We will be submitting a B-Corp application to ensure that purpose has an equal footing to profit within our business. 

We collaborate with organisations who believe that every individual, irrespective of background, should have an equal opportunity to upskill and future-proof themselves with high-quality lifelong learning.


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Our company 


The Future Talent Learning Team


Future Talent Learning is powered by people who have a collective desire to design and deliver better workplace learning for a better working world. 

Developing a culture where people feel they belong enables us to build a diverse team. We want our people to bring their best selves to work. We know that can only happen if we create an inclusive environment. 
We also strive to achieve a healthy balance between productivity and wellbeing, so our business can remain ambitious while we can enjoy both our work and our personal lives.
We work remotely, with the flexibility to create this balance so that work ‘works’ for us and the significant people and pets in our lives. 


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Our story


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What do Amy Edmondson, Tim Peake and David Olusoga all have in common?


They have transformed our thinking and influenced our journey.

We know that the skills needed to succeed at work are evolving fast and will continue to do so ever more rapidly. With this comes an urgent need for businesses to upskill their people to meet future challenges.

At the heart of meeting this challenge is learning.

Without effective learning and development programmes, modern training methods and a culture that puts learning front and centre, reskilling and upskilling initiatives cannot succeed.

Founded by Jim Carrick-Birtwell, our learning about future talent is based on producing thought leadership and inspiring events for employers around the world since 2004.

Watch this video to hear our CEO discuss our evolution to Future Talent Learning and why learning needs to be at the heart of upskilling your people and future-proofing your business.





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Partnering with the world’s best employers

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Future Talent Learning’s Transformational Leadership Programme has become the core of our emerging talent development strategy

Craig Smith, Head of Learning and Employee Experience, Babcock International


I’m so impressed that the Apprenticeship Levy can fund such modern, engaging and relevant development for our people

Rebecca Keeble, Talent Manager,
Marks and Spencer

Aanglo American

The Transformational Leadership Programme is 100% virtual and global – a significant attraction for a company with people across the world

Roger Minton, Head of Leadership Development, Anglo American