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3 careers insights we learned from Tim Peake

In January, we hosted a live, virtual student Q&A with astronaut Tim Peake. Read 3 top takeaways from Tim and register below to watch the full video.

You don't have to be a straight-A student to succeed

I'm going to let you in on a secret: I left school with a C, D and an E in maths, physics and chemistry A levels. I wasn’t an academic genius by any stretch. But since leaving school, I’ve never stopped studying. Once you’re passionate about and can direct your energy towards something, it helps you to focus. 

Personality and character count

Two pillars make up your ability to perform well and to achieve your potential. Academic skills help, but you’ll need personality and character to take you all the way. Extra-curricular activities that help to develop your personality give you the other pillar.

STEM is great - but so is geography!

The European Space Agency looks for a degree (or over 1,000 flying hours) but doesn't specify in which subject; it doesn’t have to be a science-based degree, it could be politics or geography. I wish I’d studied languages at school. All astronauts have to speak Russian, and I started trying to speak it when I was 37! French and German are also commonly spoken at the space station.




Were you watching carefully? Take our quiz:

  • What was Tim’s nickname and why?
  • What was his favourite food in space?
  • What do astronauts say space smells like?
  • What was Tim’s most nerve-wracking moment on his mission?
  • How do astronauts keep water out of their helmets?
  • How much does the Soyuz rocket weigh?
  • How did Tim and his colleagues manage their mental health in space?


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