Transformational Leadership Programme

Upskill and transform your employees
using your Apprenticeship Levy

Upskill and transform your employees using your Apprenticeship Levy

The Transformational Leadership Programme is like a mini-MBA (without the air miles). It’s 100% virtual and delivers against two management apprenticeships, so it can be funded through your Apprenticeship Levy. Clever right?

level 3

For graduates and aspiring managers
(14 months)

Develop the foundational interpersonal skills to confidently build stakeholder relationships and manage others through change.

level 5

For existing managers at all levels
(16 months)

Develop strong people management and transformational skills, and learn how to manage and lead collaboratively and inclusively.

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Leadership and management apprenticeship programme for graduates - levy funded

The Level 3 Transformational Leadership Programme provides the core skills to prepare graduates to successfully transition into business roles and manage people and projects.

Duration: 14 months


The Transformational Leadership Programme gets a lot of positive feedback through our talent reviews. Participants have nothing but great things to say about their experience to their managers

 Sam Screpis, Talent Partner, easyJet

What does our programme cover?

Think of it like a mini-MBA. Our four modules focus on the essential hard and soft skills to help employees develop the mindset and behaviours to thrive.

Virtual learning experiences

Graduates experience three highly engaging learning modes:

Immersive events

Immersive events

We provide a safe place to try out new behaviours. Immersive digital experiences include gamifications and simulations and interactive webinars with RADA Business.


1-2-1 personal coaching

We support each graduate with a personal development coach to guide them through the curriculum, and help them apply their learning in their day-to-day work.


Bite-size doses of content

We don’t swamp learners. We provide daily doses of blogs, podcasts and videos that give them a solid understanding of the theory before they put it into practice.

What does a typical month look like?

Differentiating factors

Study groups

We deliver virtual action learning sets and study groups

We work with graduates to develop their own coaching capability, reflect on their learning and build valuable networks in facilitated groups with peers.


We focus on promoting inclusive behaviours

We design programmes to embed new behaviours with highly practical examples to create psychological safety and trust with colleagues through every interaction.

Reimagined learning

We’ve reimagined learning to create immersive virtual learning

We know that people learn best when it’s fun, so we’ve created experiences that are imaginative, engaging, highly interactive, and memorable.

What’s in it for our graduates?

The chance to future-proof themselves and become confident and effective managers and leaders – and to enjoy the process.


World-class e-learning from wherever they are based

Graduates can learn and practise new behaviours, through virtual one-to-one coaching and immersive, digital simulations, whether at home or in the office.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence
and essential soft skills

According to Stanford University, only 25% of long-term career success depends on technical knowledge; the rest is all soft skills. That’s why we focus our energies there.

Peer community

Access to a powerful and diverse community of peers

By bringing graduates together from different employers in open cohorts we build a diverse digital network of peers learning and growing together.



The Transformational Leadership Programme for graduates delivers the Level 3 Team Leader apprenticeship and is fully fundable through your Apprenticeship Levy for employees based in England. A commercial 'Enterprise' version of the programme is also available for global cohorts of graduates.

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What employers are saying about our approach to learning



We recognise the value of this programme as a fantastic way of retaining our talent 

Sam Screpis, Talent Partner, easyJet


Future Talent Learning’s Transformational Leadership Programme has become the core of our emerging talent development strategy

Craig Smith, Head of Learning & Employee Experience, Babcock


The Transformational Leadership Programme couldn’t be more different from a typical dry business training offering!

Michael Bashford, Learning & Development Director, Costain