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    Whitepaper: Why learning is the future of work

    We know that the skills needed to succeed at work are evolving fast and will only continue to do so ever more rapidly.

    At the heart of meeting this challenge is learning.

    Without effective learning and development programmes, modern training methods and a culture that puts learning front and centre, reskilling and upskilling initiatives cannot succeed. 


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    9 trends in learning and development (2023)

    People success is increasingly seen as driving business success. HR is increasingly looking to L&D leaders to future-proof their organisations. 

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    Amy Edmondson: Learning as execution

    The idea of a learning environment that is psychologically safe has become commonly discussed among business leaders. It has moved centre stage.  

    Future Talent
    magazine: May-Jul 2021: Issue 30

    In the latest issue, we investigate 'cultures of belonging'.
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    Future of work

    The future of work is about change and how we deliver the skills needed to keep our businesses, people and economies thriving.

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    Boosting graduate development at M&S

    Find out how the FTL Transformational Leadership programme provided M&S graduates with development as a foundation for their role as future leaders.

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