Future Talent Conference 2017: How Do We Rebuild Trust?

Highlights and speaker videos

Learning and insights about how to build trust and psychological safety in your teams, leaders and organisations; how to develop emotional intelligence including self-awareness, resilience and humility; how to make decisions in times of change and ambiguity; and how it is the essence of love to teach someone something. Our speakers include Sir Clive Woodward, Dame Katherine Grainger, Margaret Heffernan, Tom Watson, Dame Carolyn McCall and Alain de Botton.


Dame Katherine Grainger: The maturity needed to build trust in a team

British former rower, 2012 Olympics gold medallist, four-time Olympic silver medallist, six-time World Champion and current Chair of UK Sport Dame Katherine Grainger considers what it takes to build trust between teammates and why giving honest feedback is critical to effectiveness.

In conversation: Dame Carolyn McCall and Dr Alan Watkins

Chief executive of European airline easyJet Dame Carolyn McCall and CEO and founder of Complete Coherence Dr Alan Watkins sit down to discuss how the world of work is changing and why whole person development is critical to success.

Alain de Botton: Emotional evolution

Relive all of the School of Life philosopher and author Alain de Botton's keynote speech at Changeboard's Future Talent Conference 2017. Alain explores the notion of exploring our negative emotions as a means of evolving emotionally.

Margaret Heffernan: How do we rebuild trust organisationally and societally?

Author, CEO and businesswoman Margaret Heffernan opens Future Talent Conference 2017 by reflecting on what the corporate world can learn from the arts.

Tom Watson MP: Will technology support or erode trust?

Deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson MP provides an outlook on how technology is rapidly changing the way our children will be taught, and how it could affect our working lives.

Lord Chris Holmes MBE: Trust in other people

Lord Holmes of Richmond and Team GB's most successful Paralympic swimmer discusses why it is fundamental to have an inclusive culture to build trust and explains how to create an environment of trust.

Gaylene Gould: The art of the impossible: building trust

TEDx speaker, founder of The Space to Come, writer, coach and creative director Gaylene Gould explores the parallels between the business world and the arts.

Aleks Krotoski: The tales, they are a'changing

Broadcaster, journalist and social psychologist Aleks Krotoski discusses how the concept of storytelling has changed over the years and what this means for business today.

Robert Phillips: Fight for truth and trust

Founder of Jericho Chambers Robert Phillips explains why leaders need to become activists in order to effect change in society, and why we need to think about 'trustworthiness' rather than 'trust' as a concept.

Prof. Veronica Hope Hailey: Relationships between the powerful and the disempowered

Dean of the School of Management at the University of Bath Professor Veronica Hope Hailey explains why people have felt disempowered since the global financial crisis, and what leaders can do to embed change in society.

Jim Carrick-Birtwell: Welcome and introduction

Changeboard's CEO and co-founder Jim Carrick-Birtwell used his opening remarks to reflect on what has been a tumultuous year – questioning the state of trust in today's society.

In conversation: Brian Halpin, Tim Payne and Shamus Rae

Brian Halpin, Global Head of Automation at HSBC discusses the impact of AI and robotics on the workforce, with particular reference to those who work in in operations. In conversation with KPMG's Tim Payne and Shamus Rae.


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