Future Talent LIVE for Headteachers, 2018: Education to Employment

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This pro bono conference for leaders in education provided insights from thought leaders and employers about the skills, mindsets and behaviours needed from students to thrive in the world of work. Inspiring speakers include Sir Clive Woodward, Alastair Campbell, Margaret Heffernan, Tim Campbell and Sir John Holman.



In conversation: Alastair Campbell and Sir Clive Woodward

Alastair Campbell and Sir Clive Woodward know a few things about winning. Tony Blair's former head of strategy and England's only Rugby World Cup winning head coach joined us to talk leadership. In an interactive session spanning both of their careers and interests, we heard Sir Clive's insights on teamship, dealing with pressure, and bouncing back after failure.

Alastair Campbell: What does it take to create the mindset of a winner?

Tony Blair's former spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy Alastair Campbell joined us to talk about his personal struggles with mental ill health, and the importance of supporting future generations in maintaining their own wellbeing. 

Margaret Heffernan: The love of a lifetime

Author and businesswoman Dr Margaret Heffernan joined us to look forward at how young people's careers may change. Picking through the prognostications of futurists, Margaret put forth the case that students today will thrive if they hold a love of learning throughout their longer working lives.

Sir John Holman: Good career guidance

Chemist, academic author and special adviser to The Gatsby Foundation Sir John Holman joined us to discuss the implementation of the government careers strategy, the creation of The Gatsby Benchmarks and how schools can provide world class careers guidance.

Tim Campbell MBE: Welcome and introduction

Alongside Future Talent CEO Jim Carrick-Birtwell, our conference facilitator, The Apprentice winner, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Tim Campbell MBE makes the case for why employers and educators need to work more closely together to improve careers guidance in schools. 

Panel discussion: Attitudes for a new generation

Hosted by Time to Change director Jo Loughran, our guests discussed how schools and society at large can support our young people's mental health and wellbeing. Our guests included: Simon Woollatt, assistant headteacher at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School; Jen Beer, health improvement lead for children and young people at Hertfordshire County Council; Rose Anne Evans, a Time to Change young champion, and her mother Jacqueline.

Claudia Harris: The need for educators and employers to work together

Chief Executive of the Careers & Enterprise Company Claudia Harris introduced the work of her organisation, and explained how their resources can help educators and careers leaders deliver against The Gatsby Benchmarks.

Carl Ward: The need for educators and employers to work together

Helping to open the day's proceedings, Carl Ward, past president of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), made a rallying cry to our assembled educators and employers to work closely together to improve careers guidance for our young people.

Emma Birchall: The 100-year life

Emma Birchall, Head of Insights and forecasting at research advisory group Hot Spots Movement, joined us to talk about how a much longer life expectancy will affect young people's careers in a way unlike any other generation that has come before.

Tom Ravenscroft: How can we make employability skills tangible, teachable and consistent?

We often speak about 'employability skills', but what are they? And how can they be taught? Chief executive of Enabling Enterprise Tom Ravenscroft joined us to talk about his the Skills Builder Partnership, and how it can be used to improve careers guidance in schools.

Panel discussion: STEM at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum

How can we promote STEM subjects as being central to a broad and balanced curriculum? Chair of the STEM Learning board, The Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Julia King, hosted a panel discussion with educators and employers to address the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths in the future of work. The Baroness was joined by BP's UK HR director Simon Ashley, former deputy general secretary of ASCL, Malcolm Trobe, and principal of Urmston Grammar School in Manchester, Riffat Wall.

Panel discussion: Employability skills and workplace readiness

In a panel discussion hosted by our conference facilitator Tim Campbell MBE, we explored the skills that young people need to thrive in the modern workplace. Tim was joined by; Kirstie Mackey, director of citizenship and consumer affairs at Barclay UK; education consultant Jane Delfino MBE; Ryan Gary, a member of Barclays' Youth Advisory Council; and two young employees of CapGemini UK, Priyal Bhanderi and Glynn Morris.


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