Future Talent Conference 2018: Inclusion and Wellbeing

Highlights and speaker videos

Get insights about deeply human aspects of work, including how to redefine mental health, diversity, and digital inclusion; our speakers including Sir Lenny Henry, Deborah Frances-White and Alastair Campbell will inspire you to reimagine the skills, mindsets and behaviours needed to thrive in the changing world of work.


In conversation: Changing the lens on mental health

Writer, communicator and strategist, Alastair Campbell, and ex-global VP for HR at Unilever, Geoff McDonald, took to the RGS stage for a session titled 'Changing the lens on mental health'. Facilitated by CEO and founder of Complete Coherence, Dr. Alan Watkins, the session touched upon the moment Alastair informed Tony Blair of the severity of his breakdown, the day Geoff first experienced a panic attack, and what you can do as a leader to break down stigma in your business.

Deborah Frances-White: The real reason we need to start including ourselves

Voted as our delegate's favourite speaker from this year's conference, 'Guilty Feminist', comedian and writer Deborah Frances-White was equally provocative as she was hilarious in her speech at the 2018 Future Talent Conference exploring the real reason we all need to start including ourselves at work.

Panel: Digital inclusion question time: what can leaders do to lead by example?

An esteemed panel including CEO of the Royal Mail Group Moya Green, CEO of City and Guilds Group Chris Jones, SVP and MD of Boots Elizabeth Fagan, CEO of BITC Amanda Mackenzie OBE and CEO of the CIPD Peter Cheese, discuss how leadership should evolve, speaking to the importance of women in senior positions and in technology as a conduit for change.

Sue Baker OBE: Time to Change

Sue Baker OBE, Global Director of Time to Change, a programme with the objective to reduce mental health-related stigma and discrimination, discusses the "life ending" nature of discrimination and her hopes to leave behind a changed societal outlook on issues of mental ill health.

Lord Chris Holmes MBE: Future challenges: preparing for artificial intelligence

Always a crowd-pleaser, Lord Chris Holmes MBE brought his comic timing and infectious presence to the RGS for his third consecutive FTCONF. Delivering a speech titled 'Future challenges: preparing for artificial intelligence', Lord Holmes made the case for an optimistic future where the technological advances of the fourth industrial revolution will benefit society as a whole. 

Margaret Heffernan: We all need friends at work, or do we?

Author and businesswoman Margaret Heffernan returned to the Future Talent stage to deliver a keynote titled 'We all need friends at work, or do we?' Arguing that we are conditioned to view work as a competition, Margaret drew on her experiences to make a moving and powerful case for making lasting relationships in our careers.

Matthew Taylor: Lessons from the Taylor review

Chief Executive of the RSA Matthew Taylor contextualises his report, actually titled 'Good Work', and how his findings align with the interests of the assembled HR leaders at the 2018 Future Talent Conference. Chiefly, he says, it's finding point to a new social contract between employer and employee when it comes to work; that the possibility of professional and financial advancement through sustained good work is not as certain for current generations as it was for previous ones, and that instead every employer should promise that "every job should be fair and decent with scope for development and fulfilment".

Emma Birchall: What does it mean to live to 100-years of age?

Head of Insights and Forecasting at Hot Spots Movement Emma Birchall gave a thought-provoking speech asking 'What does it mean to live to 100-years of age?' Emma argued that we're likely going to have to completely reframe the way we view our career paths, and be open to experimentation and re-invention. Convened by friend of the conference Tim Campbell, Emma answers some questions from the audience following her inspiring session.

Alistair Campbell: Q&A at Future Talent Conference 2018

Communicator and strategist Alastair Campbell summarises his panel discussion on mental health, addressing stigma and the role leaders play in safeguarding their employees' wellbeing. Alistair provides some practical advice on what leaders can do to safeguard wellbeing as well as looking after their own mental health.

Lord Chris Holmes MBE: Q&A at Future Talent Conference 2018

We speak to Team GB's most successful Paralympic swimmer, Diversity Adviser to the Civil Service and life peer in the House of Lords, Chris Holmes about why he's optimistic about AI, and why he loves coming back to the Future Talent Conference year after year!

Matthew Taylor: Q&A at Future Talent Conference 2018

We caught a word with Chief Executive of the RSA Matthew Taylor following his session on the importance of good work in a society that can no longer guarantee financial security in return for it. He speaks of the necessity of inclusive and nurturing workspaces and also gives a sense of the energy of the day at the 2018 conference.

Chris Jones: Q&A at Future Talent Conference 2018

We caught up with Chief Executive of the City and Guilds Group Chris Jones following his appearance at Future Talent 2018,  to talk about his experience of the conference, the "very relevant topic" of digital inclusion and the resulting responsibilities of businesses and individuals in its development and its growing role in the workplace. We find out what digital inclusion really means to him.


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