Future Talent Conference 2019: Humanity and Technology

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Learning and insights from global thought leaders from business, culture, religion, science and the arts as they consider how can we upskill and reskill our workforces, redefine lifelong learning, and diversify our future talent? Our speakers include Matthew Syed, Hashi Mohammed, Rev Lucy Winkett and Andrew Scott.


Hashi Mohamed: Social mobility: reimagining your future workforce

Hashi Mohamed came to the UK from Kenya at the age of nine. His father had passed away, and he was displaced from many of his 11 siblings. Hashi shared his story, from being a refugee to becoming a barrister and broadcaster, and explored how the world of work must change to engage people from all backgrounds.


Janhavi Dadarkar: Do androids dream of 'white' electric sheep?

CEO and founder of Maiora and lead of the IoD's governance programme Janhavi Dadarkar explored how technology has entrenched our human biases, before challenging our delegates to address their thought processes to better promote diversity.

Jonas Prising: Humans wanted: robots need you

In a wide ranging fireside chat with our conference facilitator Tim Campbell, respected voice in the trends affecting the labour market and the future of work, ManpowerGroup CEO Jonas Prising explored the affects of technology on the workforce, the importance of diverse workforces and the creation of new jobs in the future of work.

Panel: Redefining learning for the 21st-century

What does the future of learning look like? Kirstie Donnelly MBE (Managing Director, City and Guilds Group) chaired this enlightening discussion between Philip Quarterman (Partner and UK Designer, John Lewis Partnership) and Peter Coats (Development Consultant, Legal & General).   

Professor John Mattick: The transformation of medical research and healthcare by genomics and big data

As the former CEO of Genomics England, Professor John Mattick is a leading voice on the development of our understanding of human genes. As our knowledge of our makeup improves, what does this mean for healthcare, and how will employer's responsibility for their employees health change?

In conversation: Using your purpose to fuel your digital transformation

How can established businesses harness digital innovation? Scott Snyder, partner at Heidrick Consulting, and author of Golitah's Revenge outlined how large-scale businesses can innovate as effectively as their smaller competitors. Joined on stage by Jan Zijderveld, CEO of Avon Products, our panel explored the 130-year-old beauty giant's journey from door-to-door sales to becoming a digital social selling business.

Jim Carrick-Birtwell: Welcome and introduction

Changeboard CEO Jim Carrick-Birtwell kicked off our sixth Future Talent Conference exploring our key theme of 'Humanity and Technology'. How is technology going to affect HR and business at large? How will it change the way we learn? And will it create more diverse workforces, or entrench our biases?

Humanity and Technology: Four Perspectives

Lord Chris Holmes MBE joined us to host a panel on our key theme of 'Humanity & Technology'. Associate partner and chief data scientist at EY, Harvey Lewis, told us how we can get to grips with AI. Julia Streets, the CEO and founder of her own consultancy, told us how fintech will change our working lives. Dr Nigel Spencer from Saïd Business School, described how professional services firms are addressing their talent needs in the new world of work. Finally, Anne Scoular, co-founder of Meyler Campbell, explained why our humanity must match the rise of technology in the workplace.

Katy Hampshire: Using technology to support staff volunteering to inspire the next generation

Director of Operations & Programmes at Education & Employers, Katy Hampshire took the Future Talent stage to explain how volunteering can make a difference to your organisation. Katy called on our delegates to help make a difference for young people through connecting the world of work and schools.

Adam Kingl: The evolution of work, management and leadership: what can we learn from Gen Y?

What does Generation Y want from work? Managing director for Europe at Duke Corporate Education, Adam Kingl joined us to explain the wants and desires of Millennials in the workplace, before exploring how the c-suite will change once our youngest employees assume senior leadership positions.

Lucy Winkett: Seeing is believing?

Rector of St. James's Church Piccadilly, Lucy Winkett joined us to kick off the day's proceedings by asking two questions. Who are we at work? And what do we believe? Putting forth the theory that we are in fact too credulous when it comes to new tech, Reverend Winkett told our delegates to put their hope in people rather than technology.

Robert Rowland Smith: Humans vs tech: who holds the power?

Philosopher and author Robert Rowland-Smith used the lessons of the Enlightenment to explore the dynamics of our relationship with tech and who really holds the power. Robert explores the intersection between the 'hyper-Enlightenment' and its 'counter-Enlightenment'.


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