Keynote: Diversity & Inclusion in an AI-powered future of work

About the session

Thursday 24th June 2021, Live session 2*

16:00-16:12 EDT
21:00–21:12 BST
04:00-04:12 SGT (Friday 25th June 2021)

*Session repeats as per agenda sessions

No longer can conversations about the future of work and diversity and inclusion be separate. Not only are diverse and inclusive teams critical for the bottom line, but they are also critical for preventing historical power imbalances and human biases from getting coded into the future.

In the coming decade, nearly every company will adopt intelligent technologies — whether it be through applying artificial intelligence to recruiting processes, automating employee tasks or entire roles, or using AI to drive customer insights. The future of work will be centred on smart machines.

Let’s use this transition into the future of work as an opportunity to accelerate equality in our workforce, and to create a tech-centric society that works effectively for everyone.

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