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Award-winning for its innovative
re-imagining of what an apprenticeship programme can look and feel like

  • Cascade leadership development to cohorts of current leaders
  • Inspire your employees with immersive learning experiences
  • Future-proof business performance by upskilling aspiring leaders


of learners agree our programme has made them a more effective leader



report being able to put new ideas into practice within first 2 months



average improvement in KSBs from start to finish



received an internal promotion as a result of the programme

FTL-Featured_0002_1 Multimedia
Multimedia curriculum

Curated, practical resources with a point of view

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FTL-Featured_0001_1 Interactive
Digital learning events

Interactive events that bring key ideas to life

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FTL-Featured_0000_1 Coach
121 Coaching

A dedicated development coach, from start to finish

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Our Leadership & Management
Apprenticeships explained

We focus on 3 core behaviours that help leaders develop the confidence to thrive and lead through change.

Specifically, we aim to develop the ability to work in more agile ways, the people skills to collaborate effectively and the entrepreneurial mindset to drive business performance.




14 months




Typical levels:

Aspiring managers, new managers, graduates; doesn’t require direct line management responsibility


16 months




Typical levels:

Existing managers and leaders at all levels; requires direct line management responsibility

Think of it like a mini-MBA.

Across 4 modules and 12 monthly Missions, we cover the core personal and interpersonal skills and the critical commercial skills managers & leaders need to thrive in the 21st century

Module 1

Transforming Self

Self-Awareness &

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psychometrics
  • Authenticity
  • Leadership Styles
  • Derailers
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity Styles
  • Growth Mindset

Time Management &
Career Management

  • Prioritisation
  • Chronotypes
  • MVP Mindset
  • Time Management Techniques

DE&I & Culture

  • Cognitive Diversity
  • Bias
  • Psychological Safety

Module 2

Transforming Relationships


  • Gravitas Equation
  • Storytelling
  • Assertiveness
  • Clarity

Meetings & Feedback

  • Active Listening
  • Courageous Questions
  • Radical Candour
  • Feedback Fallacy
  • Attribution Error

Trust, Conflict & Collaboration

  • Trust Triangle
  • Influencing Styles
  • Persuasion
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Negotiation
  • Kilmann
  • Drama Triangle
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge

Module 3

Transformational Leadership


  • Leadership Styles
  • Coaching
  • Scaling
  • Autonomy
  • Mastery & Purpose
  • Delegation

Change Management

  • Strategic Planning
  • Improv
  • Yes and...
  • Signalling
  • Resilience
  • Vision & Values
  • Ethics
  • Sustainability

Operational Management

  • Hiring
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Performance Development

Module 4

Transforming Business

Decision Making & Problem-Solving

  • Satisficing
  • Big Data
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Cynefin & VUCA

Finance & Governance

  • Governance & Compliance
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Ethics

Project Management

  • Lean
  • Agile
  • Design Thinking
  • Waterfall
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management

Key learning experiences in the programme

Engage with highly curated, multimedia learning resources

All our proprietary podcasts, videos and articles are arranged in easy to navigate, Netflix style playlists. And our resources are highly curated to avoid overwhelm.

We don’t include all the thinking, just the best thinking, on each topic.


Over 50 hours of digital events and simulations

Including gamified, commercial simulations, forum theatres, masterclasses, networking events and peer discussion forums.

Learners hear from some of today’s wisest commercial thinkers and get to explore best practice with peers from other industries.


Each learner has a dedicated coach to guide them through a personalised curriculum.

Learners meet their coaches for  regular 121 leadership development sessions.

Coaches support learners (and advise their line managers) throughout the programme, about how to apply their learning in the flow of their work. 

FTL have introduced highly engaging and effective ways of teaching and delivering high-quality training

- Ofsted, 2023

Our award-winning programme has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership, and received the highest praise for curriculum, events and programme delivery from Ofsted

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FTL have an outstanding programme to accelerate the development and promotion of leaders and those aspiring to leadership

- Roger Minton, Head of Leadership Development

Most of our Leadership Development activity and spend has historically focused on the high potential population. In order to democratise LD we set out to create a learning approach accessible to all and based upon ‘Self-driven learning’.

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