Download assembly plans for student mental health

By Jo Laughran, Time to Change

Assemblies can be a great place to start conversations about mental health. Here are four introductory assemblies around mental health.

This set of free assembly plans from Time to Change will give you the conversation starters needed to get young people talking.

They also help young people to feel part of a wider school community that has a positive attitude towards mental health.

Download all mental health assemblies from Time to Change here

10 minute assemblies on mental health


The Stand Up Kid

How do we treat those with mental health issues fairly, ensuring they don’t face stigma or discrimination?

Small Things

Taking the time to show people you care can make all the difference, especially when someone is going through a tough time.

15 minute assemblies on mental health


Time to Talk Day

It’s important that young people understand that it’s possible to get better with mental ill health, just like physical ill health. This interactive assembly showcases a 14-year old who talks about her mental health.


My Story

Chris’ illness was triggered by a sporting injury that caused him to become sleep deprived. He talks openly about his feelings, but also details his recovery.


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