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The world of work is changing, with jobs impacted by advancing technology and increasing life spans. From the need for continuous learning to the normalisation of remote working, the way we think about work — and what we expect from organisations — is evolving. 


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Key findings

Cultivate a learning culture to meet strategic goals. Organisations with a strong learning culture are more productive, more innovative and more profitable. Learning goes beyond skills development.


Learning success is an organisational effort. Creating a learning culture can only succeed if the entire organisation buys into it. Remove L&D from its silo and partner with other functions.


Learning works best when applied to real life. Forget classroom-based training and focus on real-life work scenarios; learning works best when it’s applied.


Technology is a driver of personalised learning. Individuals learn in different ways, so exploit technology to personalise learning approaches and give users control of how they learn.


Key skills or attitudes? When thinking about skills of the future, it’s important to remember that they’ll continually evolve. Behaviours or attitudes such as adaptability, resilience and agility are just as important as technical ability.


Both employers and employees value reskilling. The Great Resignation means it’s cheaper, quicker and more effective to reskill existing employees than to hire new ones. The good news? Employees want new skills and development too.


This is the era of the transformer CLO. Chief learning officers (CLO) no longer focus on delivering specific skills and training but are strategic allies to the business, focused on organisational change.


But with increased power comes increased scrutiny. It’s no longer enough to gather feedback on classes or learning engagement. Modern L&D departments are measured on their strategic impact.



Christine Miles, EO and Founder, EQuipt


Dr Brennan Jacoby, Philosopher and Founder, Philosophy at Work


Laura Overton, Learning analyst and Founder, Learning Changemakers


Understanding the future of work and working lives

Hudson RPO is creating a series of whitepapers, produced by Future Talent Learning, examining the future of work and working lives. 


We aim to analyse some of the big issues affecting both business and people. Drawing on expert commentary from authors, academics and senior leaders, we’ll set out the major challenges facing leaders and employees alike.


From recruitment process outsourcing to employer branding, and across the complete life cycle of your recruitment requirements, Hudson RPO thrives in delivering world-class customer experiences.



FTL whitepaper Hudson Whitepaper - Future-of-Learning


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