Surviving the Great Resignation

By Future Talent Learning

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The future of work is now. As businesses and societies look to move beyond the era-defining effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work is evolving in new and imaginative ways.


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Key findings

The Great Resignation isn’t about remote working. Your people aren’t leaving because you’re asking them to return to the office. This is about an organisational cultural reset – and remote working is the culmination, not the start of this.


Develop psychological safety. The key to empowering your people is ensuring they feel safe enough to take the lead. Create an environment without fear or blame and see innovation and creativity soar.


Retrain and reskill. Employees understand that the world of work is evolving and new skills are needed. Make sure you provide the right training to enable this before they find it elsewhere.


Talent retention – like recruitment – has gone digital. The COVID-19 pandemic means most organisations are now up to speed with digital recruitment and onboarding. But how are you using those tools to retain, develop and redeploy existing talent?


Practise ‘grown-up’ leadership. Employees no longer want to be told what to do by leaders – they want to collaborate with them and have ownership of projects. Practise letting control go to empower your people.


Beware the middle manager talent drift. Mid-career employees and middle-level managers are the talent you’re most likely to lose in the Great Resignation – leaving businesses with succession planning problems.


Focus on emotional value, not financial rewards. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the human aspect of work is the most important to employees. Focus on purpose and connection over salary and spend when engaging employees.


Personalise the recruitment process. Digital recruitment isn’t about offering the same experience to everyone. Consider how technology can personalise the recruitment journey to provide a better experience.



Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

Jerod Funke, VP Global Talent Acquisition, Insulet

Phil Herbert, VP HR, Sharp Electronics Europe

Grace Lordan, Founding Director, Inclusion Initiative, and Associate Professor, London School of Economics

Edward Thomas, Talent Acquisition Lead International, Insulet

Antonio Weiss, Author and Researcher, Bennett Institute at University of Cambridge


Understanding the future of work and working lives

Hudson RPO is creating a series of whitepapers, produced by Future Talent Learning, examining the future of work and working lives. 


We aim to analyse some of the big issues affecting both business and people. Drawing on expert commentary from authors, academics and senior leaders, we’ll set out the major challenges facing leaders and employees alike.


From recruitment process outsourcing to employer branding, and across the complete life cycle of your recruitment requirements, Hudson RPO thrives in delivering world-class customer experiences.





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