6 benefits to level 3/5 online leadership & management apprenticeships

By Future Talent Learning

Our online Level 3 and Level 5 leadership and management apprenticeships are fully levy-funded. Upskill employees - for free.

As a leader, you might be welcoming a new member to the team or supporting an employee to take their next steps in terms of responsibilities and career development. Leadership and management apprenticeships can provide substantial benefits to your organisation – and they can be carried out remotely with e-learning, too.

Here are six reasons to consider offering your employees a leadership apprenticeship via the Transformational Leadership Programme from Future Talent.

1. Adopt online learning in times of pandemic, disruption and change.

Future Talent’s Transformational Leadership Programme incorporates fully remote e-learning to upskill your managers, along with virtual coaching and digital simulations. Immersive live events can be added if circumstances permit.

Future Talent’s Transformational Leadership Programme is ideal for situations in which learners are working from home, or unable to meet face to face regularly.

2. Pay nothing. Levy-funded leadership apprenticeships with Future Talent are cost-free.

More and more business leaders are using the apprenticeship levy to help their leaders fly. Are you?

Future Talent’s world class Transformational Leadership training programme is 100% fundable by the apprenticeship levy, because it embeds Level 3 and Level 5 leadership apprenticeships into the programme. That means it won’t cost your organisation a penny.

3. Choose Level 3 or Level 5 leadership apprenticeships to suit your learners’ experience.

Future Talent offers two transformational leadership programmes:

Level 5 leadership apprenticeship

This programme lasts 15 months and is aimed at experienced managers.

On completion, learners gain a level 5 diploma in operations and departmental management.

Level 3 leadership apprenticeship

This programme lasts 12 months and is aimed at graduates, new entrants and new managers.

On completion, learners gain a level 3 diploma in team leadership and supervision.

Both programmes are structured to empower learners with the capabilities, mindset and behaviours needed to future-proof themselves and deliver long term organisational transformation.

4. Engage employees working from home.

The main reason employees become disengaged is because they stop learning. In disrupted times, when learners are working remotely, our programme helps to keep employees motivated, inspired and highly engaged.

5. Expect, demand and get effective online training with tangible practice-led results.

Forget the ‘great training robbery’ – your future leaders will feel supported to practise.

Unfortunately, only 10% of training programmes results in the transfer of classroom knowledge into boardroom behaviours. A number of studies, including Robert Brinkerhoff’s, have shown that when learners aren’t able to practise what they’ve learned in a supportive environment, it’s almost impossible to embed new behaviours at work.

Future Talent’s Transformational Leadership Programme creates a supportive, psychologically safe environment that is critical for your future leaders to practise, learn, and transfer their newfound knowledge from classroom to boardroom as part of their structured training. The sooner and more often that learning gets applied in real-life situations, the more likely it is to stick.

6. Fast track your organisational growth and develop your agile leaders in real-time.

We are navigating un-chartered territory in these unprecedented times of disruption. A business mindset that can thrive in times of change needs to be agile, innovative, strategic and emotionally intelligent. These leadership and management apprenticeships are designed to help your future leaders develop an agile business mindset with evolved behaviours that will last a lifetime.

Future Talent’s Transformational Leadership Programme delivers a fresh wave of self-aware, commercially savvy change makers with the confidence to handle ambiguity and adjust to new commercial realities at pace.

In these uncertain times, you can help your future leaders fly today.

If you would like to find out more about our Level 3/5 online transformational leadership and management apprenticeships, or get in touch for an informal discussion, please email us at learning@futuretalentgroup.com 

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