Apprenticeship levy guidance for employers

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This apprenticeship levy funding guidance helps employers make the most of their apprenticeship levy.

Our well-received online learning and management courses are ideal for instilling your junior and middle managers with agile leadership soft skills from day one. These management courses are levy-funded. That means you can 100% cover costs with the apprenticeship levy as an employer.

This  apprenticeship levy guidance for employers will help you use your levy to its best advantage for your organisation.

What is the apprenticeship levy?

The apprenticeship levy was created by the Government in April 2017 to encourage business owners to invest in apprenticeships and training programmes.

The apprenticeship levy helps to develop your workforce and drive growth and productivity.

How does the apprenticeship levy work?

Employers pay the apprenticeship levy. It can be accessed by those same employers to fund apprenticeship training in their company.

Download government apprenticeship funding rules for employers 2020-2021

GOV funding rulesHow much do you need to pay into the apprenticeship levy?

As an employer with a pay bill of over £3 million each year, you'll have been paying towards the apprenticeship levy since April 2017.

The apprenticeship levy is charged at 0.5% of the organisation's annual pay bill on any excess over £3 million.

What are the employer benefits of the apprenticeship levy?

See our levy-funded courses

Develop your organisation in a way that is effectively cost-free

The levy enables employers of all sizes to secure extra funds to improve the quality and quantity of they apprenticeships they offer.

Use the apprenticeship levy to train existing managers and employees

The apprenticeship levy allows employers to embed lifelong learning in their managers through management development programmes that result in a Level 3 or Level 5 management apprenticeship qualification. With the levy, these courses are effectively cost-free.

Online levy-funded apprenticeships minimise workflow disruption

Our own levy-funded Future Talent Learning leadership and management courses are a prime example, with clients and partners including Marks & Spencer, Costain, ASDA, and many more.

See our levy-funded courses

Our management courses result in a Level 3 or Level 5 management apprenticeship qualification.

In addition, our courses are online - meaning your future leaders can learn wherever they are, despite the pandemic or other forces of disruption.

What does the apprenticeship levy mean for SMEs?

As an employer with a wage bill under £3 million you would not be subject to the apprenticeship levy. Nevertheless, your organisation can access apprenticeship funding for up to ten employees. The Government will cover 95% of the cost of apprenticeship training.

Do you need help to spend your levy funds?

To support your flexibility as an employer, the Government have extended the amount of time employers have to spend their levy funds from 18 to 24 months.

What happens to unspent levy funds?

Employers get two years (24 months) to use their funds once they enter their apprenticeship service account, after which the funds will expire.

Because your funds will expire, it's recommended that you invest in high-quality training and assessment.

You can use any unspent levy funds in each financial year to support your existing apprentices to complete their training, or enable existing employers to attend our online leadership and management courses which result in a Level 3/5 management qualification on completion.

You can also pay for apprenticeship training for smaller employers or make additional payments to support apprentices.

How are apprenticeships with a lengthy duration funded by the levy?

  • As long as an employer is paying the levy, new funds will go into their account every month.

  • The cost of the apprenticeship is spread over the entirety of the apprenticeship. Those costs are met in monthly instalments. The Government will use the oldest funds in an account first. This reduces the potential for funds to expire.

  • Only unspent funds will expire 24 months after they enter an employer’s account. If your organisation hasn't got sufficient funds to cover the monthly cost, the Government pays 90% of the balance due.

Do you need more apprenticeship levy guidance for employers?

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We can talk you through how to use the Levy so that your employees can train on our leadership and management apprenticeship courses cost-free.

See our levy-funded courses


See how our levy-funded level 3/5 online management courses have a positive impact on your organisation from day one.

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