6 key benefits of online leadership and management courses

By Future Talent Learning

Intrigued by the benefits of online management courses? See how they can improve leadership behaviours from day one.


1. Online management courses offer workflow flexibility for busy employees and managers

Future Talent's online leadership and management courses result in a Level 3 or Level 5 management qualification, so they are suitable for junior managers and middle managers.


Employees and managers who have moved to remote working during the pandemic may be feeling the burden of  increased workloads as extra responsibility is placed on their shoulders and the work/life balance becomes blurred. Office-based managers also have to account for extra travel time to factor into the day.


Online leadership and management courses provide greater flexibility for employees. Future leaders engaging in lifelong learning through online management courses are better-placed to:

  • Prioritise and plan workloads around their online training
  • Omit travel times from their working day
  • Conduct any assignments or training outside video call training in their own time. 

2. Online management courses have built-in mobility

The pandemic has resulted in many employees working from home, but change is constant. As long as you have an internet connection, you can learn via an online course anywhere.


Learners can comfortably attend our e-learning management courses at home via desktop or laptop, then continue with their learning in an office environment and whatever computer infrastructure is present there. They can even learn through their mobile phone.


Our online management courses just require you to have your login details and an internet connection, and you're all set.


3. Online management courses are hugely cost-effective for L&D budgets

Every organisation wants to upskill its managers. Lifelong learning is a vital organisational practice these days.


From an HR perspective, lifelong learning programmes make it easier to retain skilled managers who have engaged in professional development to stay agile, productive and emotionally invested in the company.


From an L&D perspective, a training budget can only go so far. Online management courses tend to be cheaper, because they have lower costs to produce. They often feature digital course materials rather than expensive textbooks.


If you're really looking to go the extra mile in stretching out your L&D budget, Future Talent's online management courses are fully levy-funded. That makes them effectively cost-free to the employer.


4. Instant access

Learners on online management courses benefit from:

  • Downloadable resources
  • Online support
  • Meaningful and authentic online interaction
  • Replayable training videos and sessions
  • Online follow-up research
  • Flexible online assessments

This instant access means nothing needs to be lost or forgotten. Future senior managers can absorb information more quickly and communicate with experts who are just a click away.


5. Online networking and mentoring

In standard courses, psychological and procedural barriers prevent regular contact with course providers, lecturers and mentors.


With online management and short courses, community is enabled and encouraged. Learners can communicate with trainers via email, online chat and a host of digital communication channels.


In addition, learners on online management courses find it easier than ever to network with their peers. That spirit of curiousity and communication in a safe learning space fosters the creative thinking and soft skills that help leaders bring new insights and best practice into the workplace.


6. Engaging, immersive e-learning

An online 'course' comprised of endless dry Powerpoint presentations is no good to anyone and best avoided.


Our courses offer an unprecendented level of personalisation, with 1-2-1 executive coaching via Zoom and Teams. We combine coaching with interactive webinars and immersive digital simulations, developed by institutions such as Harvard and Wharton and used by the likes of Google and MI6.


Our online management courses here at Future Talent offer an immersive blend of technology that works FOR the learner, not against them.


Discover our levy-funded online management courses today. We offer world-class leadership training that you and your employees will value, at potentially zero cost. It's time to make a risk-free investment for the future leaders of your organisation.

See our online management courses


See how our levy-funded level 3/5 online management courses have a positive impact on your organisation from day one.

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