Bite-sized learning: developing human skills through microlearning

By Future Talent Learning

In today's fast-paced world, traditional learning approaches often struggle to keep up with the dynamic needs of organisations and learners. 


The solution? 


Microlearning. This powerful educational strategy is revolutionising the way we acquire knowledge and skills. 


Individuals can acquire valuable human skills through bite-sized, accessible, inclusive and personalised learning modules. This innovative approach to learning is revolutionising the way we develop our capabilities.


According to Andrew Scott, author of The 100 Year Life, "As machines get better at being machines, humans must get better at being human." Micro-learning is the most efficient way to develop human skills at scale, whilst leveraging the benefits of bite-sized, accessible, and inclusive learning for their organisations. Explore microlearning and find out how it's transforming the Learning and Development (L&D) landscape. 


What is microlearning?

Microlearning, as the name suggests, is a learning approach that delivers content in small, focused bursts. These bite-sized learning modules are designed to address specific learning objectives and can be consumed quickly and conveniently, making them ideal for the modern learner. By breaking down complex topics into easily digestible modules, microlearning helps learners grasp key concepts rapidly while retaining information effectively.


Bite-sized learning for enhanced retention

One of the main advantages of microlearning is its ability to enhance knowledge retention. Research has shown that shorter learning sessions, spaced out over time, result in better information retention compared to traditional lengthy training sessions. Whether it's learning a new language, acquiring coding skills, or enhancing leadership capabilities, microlearning offers a flexible and efficient way to acquire new competencies.


By offering learners short and frequent learning opportunities, L&D professionals can ensure that the information is retained in the long term, leading to better knowledge transfer and application on the job.


Accessible learning for all through on-demand content 

Microlearning is a game-changer when it comes to accessibility. Its format allows learners to access content on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, anytime and anywhere. This accessibility factor is particularly significant in today's remote and mobile work environments. By making learning content available on-demand and across multiple platforms, microlearning empowers learners to engage with the material at their convenience, fostering a culture of continuous learning.


Democratising learning through microlearning

To respond effectively, and to navigate the scale and pace of change, organisations urgently need to up-skill every employee’s ability to explore, learn, and grow


Microlearning provides affordable and flexible learning solutions. By offering easily accessible and affordable microlearning modules, organizations can enable individuals from diverse backgrounds to acquire knowledge and skills, levelling the playing field and promoting inclusivity.


Global Defence and Aerospace firm Babcock International had the ambition to improve leadership capability and bring more consistency to leadership development across the organisation. Following a successful MBA programme for a small cohort of senior executives, Babcock wanted to democratise learning across the business to all of its leaders as part of a more inclusive Babcock Academy. They partnered with Future Talent Learning to upskill its future leaders using the Transformational Leadership Programme.


Inclusive learning for diverse audiences

Inclusivity is at the core of bite-sized learning. Traditional education models often struggle to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences, leaving many individuals feeling left behind. Microlearning addresses this issue by offering a variety of multimedia formats, such as videos, interactive quizzes, and gamified content. This diverse range of resources caters to different learning preferences, ensuring that every individual can engage with the material in a way that suits them best. 


For example, incorporating multimedia elements, such as videos, infographics, or interactive quizzes, caters to visual and auditory learners. Additionally, providing transcripts or captions ensures accessibility for learners with hearing impairments. 


Microlearning platforms can be designed to be accessible for individuals with disabilities, further promoting inclusivity in education. By embracing microlearning, L&D professionals can create an inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of all individuals within their organisation.


Personalised learning for individual growth

One of the most significant advantages of bite-sized learning is its ability to provide personalised learning experiences. 


With microlearning platforms, individuals can choose modules and topics that align with their interests, goals, and skill gaps. This customisation allows learners to focus on areas they want to develop, making the learning process more engaging and relevant. 


Moreover, micro-learning platforms often leverage adaptive technologies and algorithms to tailor the content to the learner's progress, providing targeted feedback and recommendations for further growth.


Microlearning and human skills development

Bite-sized learning has a profound impact on the development of human skills. Soft skills, such as communication, leadership, creativity, and problem-solving, are vital in today's rapidly changing job market. 


Microlearning modules dedicated to these skills empower individuals to develop and enhance their abilities in a focused and efficient manner. Furthermore, the flexibility of microlearning allows learners to acquire skills at their own pace, ensuring a deeper understanding and application of knowledge.


As the demand for human skills continues to grow, bite-sized learning emerges as a transformative approach to education, equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive in the modern world.


Microlearning is the future of learning

By embracing microlearning, L&D professionals can harness the benefits of bite-sized, accessible, and inclusive learning. This next-generation learning approach enables learners to acquire knowledge and skills rapidly, retain information effectively, and access learning materials conveniently. Moreover, microlearning democratises learning by removing barriers to entry and promotes inclusivity by catering to the diverse needs of learners. 


As the L&D landscape evolves, microlearning stands at the forefront as a powerful tool for organisations to stay competitive and foster a culture of continuous learning.


Incorporating microlearning into your organisation's L&D strategy is not just a trend; it is the future of learning.




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